Projects & Ministries

Here you will find all my projects and ministries that I have participated/participate in

World Of Life

The Vinde Meninos ministry is part of the Word of Life organization, which has its origins in World Of Life in the United States.

Missionary Trip in the Sertão

Missionary trip carried out with the group of the Word of Life Biblical Seminary to the backlands of Pernambuco.

Biblica Studies

Curriculum designed with daily biblical studies about the Bible.

Online Presentation

Online presentation about the ministry Vinde Meninos.

Meeting with volunteers

Planning annual activities where several volunteers dedicate themselves to teaching tutoring, crafts, cooking, English, etc.

Missionary interview

Missionary interview held at the First Independent Presbyterian Church of São José do Rio Preto presenting the ministry and challenges of the missionary field.

Devotional workshop

Training the team of interns coming from World Of Life New York to work in the day-to-day activities of the Vinde Meninos ministry.

Alcance Camp

Special participation of our children in the mini camp Alcance.

Vacation Bible School

Organization, storytelling, decoration and execution of event activities.